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We are particular about “nature” and “fermentation" just like the company name and develop various products. We think the minimum requirements of commercialization are to feel really good with our products and to desire our family to use our products.

Also, since we have the products developed with confidence, we particular about “a mail-order business” that can deliver directly.

The Delicious Seasonings

The Delicious Seasonings

Including “Oishi Su” (the delicious vinegars) which its annual sales are about 3.8 million, we develop and sell seasonings like soup stock, soy sauce, sugar, and miso.Delicious and safe meal is fundamental to good health. We are making products that are useful to everyone‘s health maintenance.

Fermented products

Amo enzyme 77

Including “Amo Koso 77” that fermented 77 types of botanical raw materials with over 20 types of useful bacteria; we develop various fermented products like beverage, skin cream, soap, cough drop, and etc. that combine fermented plant extract.

A Mail-Order Division

A Mail-Order Division

In NIHON SHIZEN HAKKO, we promote “seasonings” and “fermented products” that we developed in-house through a mail-order business.
That is why we have “advertisement division” for everyone in Japan to know our products, “call center division” for customers to get order and ask a question, and “shipping division” to ship the products.

<Advertisement Division>
Currently, we carry out an advertisement targeting a wide range of media, for examples, publishing an advertisement in a national paper like The Yomiuri Shimbun and The Asahi Shimbun and the infomercial broadcast in the television (broadcast, CS, BS).In addition, we create “Oishi Tsushin” which is a mail-order catalog we issue over two hundred thousand copies every month, web page and documents that deliver with the products.

<Call Center Division>
Today, there are about 100 seats in the call center and we are planning to continue expanding.The call center is operated by group and each group has supervisor and sub-supervisor. We build a system that can deal with the problems immediately when operators rack their brains. Also, in CRM system that is connected with CTI, we could understand clearly if the customers are new or already enrolled, what kind of product have they buy in the past and what kind of opinions have we hear.

<Shipping Division>
Based on information from call center, warehouse management system has been installed to be able to do exact picking and packing.