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The Power of Nature The Power of Fermentation

Based on the theme of “The power of nature” and “The power of fermentation”, we are not only producing the products but also selling, packing and shipping.
We start with the feeling that we would like everyone to know the power made by the fermented bacteria of the nature and to make use for your health.

Although fermented food have been around for a very long time, we take a new look at it again since Japan is now facing an aging society and health awareness has been increasing.Today, they are ready to spread to the world.
These days, people feel anxious about serious problems like lifestyle diseases and an increasing of medical fees. According to those problems, we think now is the time to think about an importance of eating habits.

We think we would like to support everyone’s everyday life by fermented food. Therefore, we conduct research and development every day to bring out the best power of fermentation.
Also, we made a current system which we do all by ourselves from manufacture to ship since we carefully made the products, we would like to explain exactly by ourselves, hear opinions from customers directly, and deliver the products certainly.

Manufacturing Division

Shokawa Research Institute

- Shokawa Research Institute -
Hida Takayama, Gifu Prefecture is located in almost the center of Japan and surrounded by steep mountains on east and west. In Hida Takayama, there is “Shokawa Research Institute” for research and development for fermented plant extract.The elevation is 1,050 meters, the air is clear and murmuring, the forest will shrouded in deep green in the summer and in the winter, a large amount of snow will cover the ground and will be the natural clean room.This place where is cool and no need to worry about increasing germs named “the village of Amo Koso” and established the research institute.

We use high qualitied stainless steel that is less risk of germs for the devices that are used for ferment and mature. In addition, in April, 2017, we have obtained international standard “ISO22000” of food safety management by doing thorough sanitation work.

Nihon Shizen Hakko Chita

- Nihon Shizen Hakko Chita -
Including “Oishi Su” (the delicious vinegars) which its annual sales are about 3.8 million, Nihon Shizen Hakko Chita where we produce various seasonings located on Chita Peninsula in Aichi Prefecture, which flourish as brewing vinegar from before.
In manufacturing the product, we care very much about traditional manufacturing method since the Edo period. We take long time to ferment and mature by skilled craftsmen.
As we use natural ingredient to ferment by the power of nature, it is very difficult to keep an ordinary taste. Craftsmen’s experience and sense are absolutely necessary for the decision.

In the process of bottling and shipping the product, we consider about a sanitation and speed of shipping. Also we take in a great number of advanced equipment.However, not a machine but an experienced men check the quality if impurity is mixed in the product, nothing unusual has happened in the bottle and if they stick the label perfectly.

With traditional and advanced technique and human power, we deliver tasty and safe products to the customer.

The Head Office・A Mail-order System

The Head Office・A Mail-order System

- Head office in Nagoya -
In NIHON SHIZEN HAKKO we promote the products through a mail-order with feeling that we would like to deliver our products by ourselves with responsibility.
By running a mail order, we could get customer’s opinion directly

To reflect customer’s opinions as soon as possible, our company, the head office in Nagoya integrate all systems which is business strategy division that decide a course of action of the company, the management division that unify the customer management, the accounting and the human resources, the advertising division that have image strategy through a lot of media and expand sales channels, the production division that create the object that ship in the same box and a web page, the call center division that receive customer’s call.

These all are for the customers. We aim to be the company that can connect to the customers directly.

Logistics Center in Kasugai

- Logistics Center in Kasugai -
Our company has the logistics center in Kasugai, Aichi prefecture.
We would like to deliver our products safely as soon as possible.Therefore, we establish the logistics center in Kasugai, Aichi prefecture which have automatic warehouse.
This new center adopts the automatic warehouse which is controlled by warehouse management system (WMS) and we can deliver to the customers with safe even if a quantity will be increased in the future.