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Oishi Su

Oishi Su

“Oishi Su” (the delicious vinegars) is completed by fusing traditional skills and high technologies.

The craftsmen make the traditional vinegars

-The craftsmen make the traditional vinegars-
“Oishi Su” (the delicious vinegars) is made by the manufacturing method from the old days and takes long time to be ready.It takes about a month to do first ferment and at least 3 months to be matured.During that time, five senses that craftsmen have cultivated and improved by long days support controlling temperature and humidity necessarily to make good vinegar.The vinegars made by these processes smell flavorful and also, mild and sour taste will spread in the mouth.

High technologies control quality thoroughly

High technologies control quality thoroughly
“Oishi Su” (the delicious vinegars) runs speedy on a lane and vinegars are filled up in the bottles.
Inside the factory, it keeps cleaned and various machines keep moving exactly so that we can chase thoroughly the changeless taste and perfect quality, Moreover, after inspectors with a wealth of experience checked if it does not mixed any impurities or the bottles do not have any abnormality, “Oishi Su” (the delicious vinegars) is packed and ready to ship.

Let’s have vinegars in the kitchen regularly and use it every day!

Let’s have vinegars in the kitchen regularly and use it every day!
“Oishi Su” (the delicious vinegars) with everyday life.

● Drinking ●
You can enjoy drinking by not only diluting “Oishi Su” (the delicious vinegars) with water or soda, but also pickling fruits in the vinegars and make “sour drinks”
“Oishi Su” (the delicious vinegars) brings out more attractions of fruits and we can enjoy further more flavors easily.
Find your favorite and please enjoy drinking “Oishi Su” (the delicious vinegars).

● Pickling ●
“Oishi Su” (the delicious vinegars) and vegetables are a good match.
The perfect pickles are completed just pickling your favorite ingredients.
You are able to find rather special vegetables.
Please have fun “pickling” your favorite ingredients with “Oishi Su” (the delicious vinegars) that are able to storage.

● Cooking ●
“Oishi Su” (the delicious vinegars) is recommended as a seasoning.
You can easily cook a gentle taste of a vinegar cuisine with “Oishi Su” (the delicious vinegars) that have mild, sour and sweet tastes which other vinegars don’t have.
Why don’t you expand your cooking repertoire with “Oishi Su” (the delicious vinegars)?

product features

product features
Using “Mandarin fruit vinegar” that has done acetic acid fermentation and maturing the mandarin fruit juice.
It smells fresh and has mild taste that has not pungent.
Traditional and safe method since we take long time to ferment and mature.

Oisi series

Oisi series
The delicious sugar

100% made in Japan! Season the dish like simmered food.
The delicious sugar

It uses raw sugar in Okinawa and Amami Islands, Kagoshima.
It combines brown sugar in Haterumajima Island, Okinawa.
It has a nicely balanced combining with raw sugar and brown sugar.

The delicious salt

100% sea water in Okinawa! Salt production method from the old days.
The delicious salt

It is natural sea salt that is made in salt studio in Hamahigashima Island, Okinawa.
We produce salt by drying sea water in the sun and steam carefully with flat kettle.
The features are coarse-grained, rich in mineral and mellow taste.

The delicious soy sauce

Selected soy sauce which has nice smell and umami (savory taste).
The delicious soy sauce

Soy sauce made from whole soybean is made with using advanced technology effectively in Brewing peninsula, Chita.
Fusioning the original taste of soy sauce with smell of maturing old liquor in Hida and umami of original mirin (sweet cooking rice wine) in Mikawa.
It is able to use in various dishes since it is everyone’s favorite taste.

The delicious Shirodashi

The secret of deliciousness is selected materials.
The delicious Shirodashi

It has balanced taste of savory flavor and umami.
Shirodashi saves time to make dashi (stock) and no need to use many seasonings.
Since it is white soy sauce base, dishes will be finished colorfully.

The delicious stock

Useful seasoning which is dark soy sauce base.
The delicious stock

It is an instant bouillon that contains tamari (a type of soy sauce) that matured for 3 years as a secret ingredient.
Rich smell and moderate sweetness has excellent chemistry with any ingredients.
It can be used as Japanese noodle dipping sauce and also put on hiyayakko (cold tofu) and various meals are good too.

TThe delicious “Japanese stock”

Stock pack that contains selected materials for family.
The delicious “Japanese stock”

It has combined selected materials that we ordered from all over Japan.
It contains “ago(flying fish”) that tastes amazing.
It is convenient fabric pack. You can take out from the pack and use as seasoning.

The delicious vegetable stock

Plenty of vegetable umami! Stock seasoning that matches western food.
The delicious vegetable stock

Blend 5 types of selected Japanese vegetables.
It is powdered vegetable stock that condensed sweet taste and umami that is authentic vegetable flavor.
It is convenient fabric pack. You can take out from the pack and use as seasoning.

TThe delicious “The delicious root kelp”

Enjoy smell of the coast and stickiness of Hidaka kelp.
The delicious root kelp

You can enjoy umami and flavor of kelp.
It contains rich nutrition that is necessary for modern people’s eating habits.
It has elegant taste that makes the most of materials.

The delicious chicken stock

Using the chicken in Kagoshima and it is a taste you do not tired of.
The delicious chicken stock

Umami and flavor of chicken are condensed and it can add accent of the dish.
Chicken stock contains white soy sauce and mirin that taste unlike any other.
It tastes not only fresh but also dense and mild.

TThe delicious “The delicious tomato stock”

Tomato is a treasury of umami and suitable for seasoning.
The delicious tomato stock

Combine ripe tomatoes and Japanese sea bream extract.
Good balance of sourness and umami! It goes well with any dish.
Glutamic acid of tomato and inosine acid of Japanese sea bream are an excellent pair.

The delicious ponzu vinegar/The delicious sesame sauce

The delicious ponzu vinegar. (a seasoning made of vinegar and the juice from a bitter orange)
It is ponzu that has yuzu flavor. You can use in any season and any dish!

The delicious sesame sauce
It is the sesame sauce using golden sesame. It is tasty to combine with ponzu.