Amo Koso ( fermented botanical food )

Enzymes are essential substances for humans to sustain life. In life activity, reactions by various compounds occur, and most of these reactions are actually due to the intermediary of enzymes. Enzymes are important to humans as people said that where there's life, there's an enzyme.

In enzymes, there are “digestive enzymes” and "metabolic enzymes" which exist in the body, and also, “food enzymes” absorbed from food. Digestive enzymes are necessary for digesting food in the body and taking in necessary nutrients. Metabolic enzymes are enzymes that make up each cell of the body, relate to respiration and exercises, and have an important role in life. Food enzymes contain raw fruits, vegetables, and fermented foods to promote digestion.

Oishi Su ( The Delicious Vinegar )

Our group has been selling natural health foods for 32 years. Since its founding, our focus was on fermented products and we have independently developed vinegar. We searched vinegar all over Japan to make higher quality and finally, we have reached to rice vinegar made by the standing fermentation method, which is rare in Japan. It was a small brewery which has 100 years of history. Amazing vinegar have made by a traditional brewing method. “The Delicious Vinegar" is now completed by affiliating with the brewery which has maintained tradition and our latest fermentation technology.

I think that vinegar making in Nihon Shizen Hakko is similar to raising children with plenty of time and effort. We wait for the vinegar to be slowly brewed by watching its growth based on the temperature and humidity felt by the skin. The vinegar has a mild acidity and umami, and a rich aroma. Please enjoy its deep taste.

Other Products

Not only the vinegar and koso, we are developing various fermented foods and seasonings by using our original fermentation method. It is easy to arrange various dishes by mixing Oishi Su with other seasonings. Let’s make Washoku (Japanese-style meal) at home using Nihon Shizen Hakko’s fermented foods.