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Oishi Shoyu
(The Delicous Soy Sauce)900ml

Whole soybean sauce is produced by latest technology in Chita peninsula, known as the brewing peninsula. Original taste of soy sauce is fused with aroma of maturing old sake in Hida and umami of hon mirin in Mikawa. It has a mild taste so that it can be used in any kinds of dish in any regions.

Oishi Shiro Dashi
(The Delicious White Broth) 900ml

This dashi makes your dish upgrade to the taste of a restaurant! Selected ingredients are the secret of deliciousness. It has elegant color and flavor by adding plenty of umami. It is easily used for a wide range of dishes such as soups, hot pots, stir-fried foods, pasta, salad, etc. without taking time to make broth.

Oishi Yasai Dashi
(The Delicious Vegetable Broth)

This is a vegetable broth powder that uses 5 kinds of carefully selected domestic vegetables (onion, carrot, cabbage, celery, black garlic), and it is condensed sweetness and umami of the vegetables. It can be used not only for soup, but also for the usual dishes, and you can easily enjoy the richness and aroma of the vegetables.

Oishi Washoku Dashi
(The Delicious Washoku Broth) 8g*30 bags

It is completed by blending bonito broth in Yaizu, auxis in Kagoshima, grilled flying fish in Nagasaki and Kumamoto, dried sardine in Nagasaki, kelp in Hokkaido Rishiri, dried horse mackerel and dried mackerel in Kumamoto and Kagoshima in good balance and also by adding solar salt. It is powdered broth with elegant taste and rich aroma.

Oishi Nekonbu Dashi
(The Delicious Kelp Root Broth) 360ml

We use kelp and kelp root from Hidaka in Hokkaido. It is rare and has highly nutritious. Especially, it has a plenty of water-soluble dietary fibers such as alfinic acid and fucoidan. Kelp is also rich in glutamic acid which is a typical umami ingredient. Please enjoy using it for wide variety of dishes such. It is also recommended making a kelp tea for daily drink.

Oishi Tori Dashi
(The Delicious Chicken Broth)

It is a seasoning that has plenty of umami and amazing flavor which is completed by blending soup base of chicken in Kagoshima with white soy sauce and mirin in Mikawa.

Oishi Kake Ponzu
(The Delicious Ponzu Vinegar) 360ml

This yuzu-flavored ponzu vinegar is made from honjozo light soy sauce base and domestic yuzu fruit juice.

Oishi Goma Dare
(The Delicious Sesame Sauce) 360g

It is able to use for a variety of dishes such as salad, hiyayakko (cold tofu), shabu shabu, and etc. It is recommended to combine with ponzu vinegar.

Black Apple
Cider Vinegar

It is a tasty and healthy vinegar drink by blending high-quality black vinegar that slowly ferments and matures domestic brown rice, with domestic apple juice which has a fruity fragrance, mellow sweetness and acidity.

Oishi Tomato Dashi
(The Delicious Tomato Broth) 360ml

This tasty seasoning that has umami and mild taste with sourness of tomato is made with ripe tomato in Nagano and red sea bream extract.