Vinegar Making

Traditional Vinegar Making by Human Hand.

Taking time to make vinegar is traditional manufacturing method from old days.
Its manufacturing method takes about a month for the first farmentation and takes at least 3 months for maturing. Acetic acid bacteria make ingredients ferment slowly in the farmenter and takes long time to change to vinegar. During that time,craftsmen just create an environment for vinegar to grow well.That is everything for making vinegar. Craftsmen sey."There are many convenient measuring meter for managing necessary temperature and humidity, but without using those things,we know what they (vinegars)want by talking to them every day.".Polished craftsmen's five senses that have been cultivated by long time, are that only reliable on.These vinegars have rich aroma and once you drink it, mild acidity taste will spread in your mouth.

Quality Management

We manage a quality thoroughly by high technology.

A large number of "Oisi Su" is running on the lane speedy and filling up next by next.That is exactly glamorous view itself which clear vinegar has poured in the sparkling bottles and moving in a line. After about an hour from this process,they will be packed and wait until to be shipped.
Also,one thing we realize seeing around inside the factory is that there are only few people for a big factory.Since vinegars are automatically packed by machines,so,it is justly natural.From the view that machines keep moving exactly in the thorough clean factory,we can understand how we care about a quality which we always offer customers a changeless deliciousness.
Changeless taste and reliable quality.
It seems to be natural for customers.
However,we use our high technology without stint to make that "natural".