The Village of Koso where its air is clean, is surrounded by steep mountains on the east and west.

We make high qualitied products at the selected place. It is our desire to make koso foods that everybody can eat with safe. We did our utmost to search an environment for research. Nihon Shizen Hakko’s research institute is located on a corner of Shokawa highland at an elevation of 1,050 meters. The area’s clean air throughout the year and large amount of snow in the winter reduce the growth of germs and give the entire area a cleanliness as if it were a natural clean room. To find this place, we got a hint from the fact that Japanese sake has long been brewed during the cold season which is called “Kanjikomi”. Low temperature in the winter prevent from the propagation of germs. Also, snow let dust in the air drop on the ground and it reduces suspended dust particles. Fermentation moves slowly and mild aromatic sake is completed. We arrived here at Shokawa in search of a place where we could make the most of the power of fermentation.

We aim for 100% safe manufacturing method. Thus we set a high standard for product inspection in a quality control room.

We have installed 110 solar panels on the factory roof as a measure to reduce carbon dioxide. We aim at living together with the nature.

Shokawa Institute at an elevation of 1,050 meters, have received a certification at "NIPPON-1.NET".

An original method called “multi-stage polymerized fermentation”

This is an original method which ferments and matures in stages by adding fermenting bacteria. Although time and effort are required, ratio of useful component increases.

77 Kinds of Carefully Selected Ingradients

We have selected 77 kinds of botanical raw ingredients which are fruits, beans, grains, flowers, leaves, vegetables, potatoes, and etc. We searched for the way to produce energy to make body healthy by fermenting these raw ingredients in good balance. Suitable pairs of raw ingredients and bacteria are found while we monitor their compatibility. Also we found that there is suitable temperature which ferments smoothly. We demonstrated the safety and stability of the raw ingredients for customers to eat with safe. We overcame many hurdles. Over 20 kinds of fermenting bacteria including koji mold and yeast are selected. These are called “the best members” which can be exhibited an ability of 77 kinds of botanical raw ingredients.