Strong Preference
for the Research

The materials made by multi-stage polymerized fermentation have received a patent in Japan, United States and EU

◆ Strong Preference for Reliance

----Customer Reviews----

I want to continue eating it.

I eat it every day and my appetite progresses. No matter what I eat, it is delicious and I became to eat too much. Everyday life is happy and my condition is really good.

Hokkaido Y.M. Male, 66

My goal is to live until mother's age of 103!!Iwill try to continue eating!

My mother lived to be 103 years old.I will try to do my best not to lose by eating Amo Koso. I want to keep on shining and be young forever.

Yamaguchi, S.A, Male, 83

I want to keep eating it my entire life.

I have been eating it since 3 years ago. I live with safe because I don't catch a sick now. I have a confidence of my body by this experience.

Nagasaki, Y.K. Female, 73